Treatment Schedules by Region

Treatment strategies for the Asian citrus psyllid are different in various regions of the state depending on if the psyllid is well-established (requiring an area-wide management strategy) or is new to an area (requiring an eradication strategy). More details about eradication strategies and treatments can be found on the University of California’s website.

Below are the currently scheduled coordinated and area-wide treatments across the state. All dates and information are subject to change. For additional questions or information, contact your grower liaison about area-wide management and how to implement the recommended protocols.

Central Coast

3 weeks in January and September

  • Winter: Jan. 3-23, 2021
  • Fall: Sept. 2021. Exact dates TBD

Eradication – no area-wide treatment

Winter 2021 PMA Treatment Windows

  • Jan. 4-Jan. 25 V-5, V-6, V-31, V-32, V-34, V-35
  • Jan. 11-Feb. 1 V-7, V-8, V-24, V-25, V-29, V-30
  • Jan. 18- Feb. 8 V-3, V-4, V-9, V-23, V-27, V-28, V-33 V-44, V-45, V-46, V-47, V-48, V-49, V-50
  • Jan. 25-Feb. 15 V-1, V-2, V-16, V-21, V-22, V-26
  • Feb. 1-Feb. 22 V-15, V-18, V-19, V-20, V-42, V-43
  • Feb. 8-March 1 V-10, V-13, V-14, V-37, V-38, V-39
  • Feb. 15-March 8 V-11, V-12, V-17, V-36, V-40, V-41

Central Valley

Eradication – no area-wide treatment

Eradication – no area-wide treatment

The San Joaquin Valley ACP/HLB Task Force will be meeting in January to discuss a possible springtime coordinated treatment for areas of Southern Kern County. Details TBD.

Eradication – no area-wide treatment

Eradication – no area-wide treatment

Eradication – no area-wide treatment

Southern California

The following treatment window allows each growing zone to coordinate the two-week target window in which they will treat within. The dates below are set by the Pest Control District Board.

  • Spring: Feb. 15, 2021 - April 17, 2021

Conventional, 1 Treatment from:

  • Zones 2/3 are Jan. 4 - Jan. 18
  • Zone 1 is Jan. 11 - Jan. 25
  • Zone 4 is Jan. 18 - Feb. 1

Conventional, 1 Treatment from:

  • Zones 2/3 are Dec. 30 - Jan. 23
  • Zone 1 is Jan. 6 - Jan. 30
  • Zone 4 is Jan. 13 - Feb.

The Hemet area CPCD has three mandatory ACP treatments per year:

  • Winter: Dec. 19, 2020-Jan. 10, 2021
  • Spring 2021 treatment will be required in May. Exact dates TBD.
  • Summer/Fall 2021 treatment will be required in September. Exact dates TBD.

The annual ACP area-wide management (AWM) protocols for 2021/2022 consists of three coordinated ACP treatments and one uncoordinated treatment when applying other citrus inputs. A perimeter treatment may be applied during the summer or fall if the orchard has been scouted and determined that the interior has no ACP. For organic growers, each "treatment" must consist of two applications applied 10-14 days apart. Double treatments are required for organic materials because of their limited residual activity.

  • Spring Treatment May 1 - July 15
  • Summer Treatment* July 15 - Aug. 15
  • Fall Treatment* Oct. 15 - Nov. 15
  • Winter Treatment Nov. 16 - Dec. 15

* May be a perimeter spray if scouted & determined that the center has no ACP

Summer 2021 Area-Wide Treatments for ACP: May 17 to May 31

Mandatory for commercial citrus located in the pest control district of Pauma Valley and San Pasqual Valley.

More information can be found in this SDCPCD newsletter. Commercial citrus growers with groves located outside the pest control district are also asked to apply an ACP treatment.