Bulk Citrus Movement FAQs for Growers, Packers and Transporters

Q: What should a grower, packer or transporter do to be in compliance with the new ACP regional quarantine for bulk citrus movement?
A: Growers, packers and transporters need to complete a new exhibit form and return it to the California Department of Food and Agriculture as soon as possible if the organization has not already done so in 2018. An organization will need to list its current compliance agreement identification number on top of the new exhibit form. A grower, transporter or packer can download the new exhibit form from the CDFA website.

Completed exhibits should be returned to CDFA through one of the following methods:

Mail to CDFA:
ACP Program
1220 N Street, Suite 325
Sacramento, CA 95814

Email as PDF to:

Fax to:

Q: Are there new ACP-free compliance standards for bulk citrus movement when moving citrus between these new regional quarantine zones?
A: No. The ACP-free compliance standards for bulk citrus movement remain the same when moving citrus between regional quarantine zones. The quarantine zone boundaries; however, have changed. View the ACP-free compliance standards and a map of the new quarantine zones.

Q: Where can I find the new exhibit forms on CDFA’s website?
A: Click here to find the new exhibit forms and instructions for completion.

Q: As the ACP regional quarantine map for bulk citrus movement changes and we experience expansions for Quarantine Zone 6, what happens if my operations fall into Zone 6, instead of Zone 5? How does this affect movement of bulk citrus in this area?
A: Quarantine Zone 6 is reflective of the current HLB quarantine zone set in place by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. When there is a new HLB detection that causes the HLB quarantine zone to expand, it will impact the bulk citrus quarantine zone, as well. Shipments of bulk citrus fruit may transit through an adjacent bulk citrus regional quarantine zone to be packed/processed in its original bulk citrus regional quarantine zone without mitigation (i.e., field cleaning or treatment). However, the shipment must be completely safeguarded during transit as required, and travel in a direct route and without undue delay to the destination. For example, a shipment of bulk citrus from Cathedral City could travel through Riverside to be packed in a part of San Bernardino County that is not currently in the HLB quarantine zone.

If you have more questions, please contact the CDFA ACP Program at 916-403-6846.