CDFA’s Ag Vision is Creating Opportunity for California Farmers and Ranchers

Ag Vision hero

Citrus Industry to Benefit from Research and Climate Smart Agriculture Incentive Programs

On April 5th, The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and California State Board of Food and Agriculture introduced Ag Vision, a decade-long plan dedicated to creating opportunities for California agriculture to thrive well into the future. The plan acts as a catalyst for collaboration between industry, public and private partnerships, universities and communities, seeking to make California a better place because of what we grow and how we grow it.

The plan was developed through a robust and inclusive process by collecting inputs from a variety of diverse agricultural stakeholders. The result of these inputs includes five areas of focus where CDFA can make the biggest impact in addressing the current and future challenges of California farmers and ranchers – including those that impact the citrus industry greatly – while also building trust among the public and encouraging climate action.

The areas of focus include:

  • Foster climate-smart, resilient, and regenerative food systems
  • Build healthy, local communities
  • Drive next-generation talent and tools
  • Enhance understanding of agriculture
  • Collaborate on smarter regulations

Under the priorities, there will be an emphasis on the developing the next generation of talent and tools that will help solve challenges in agriculture that are familiar to California’s citrus growers, including research on sustainable pest management practices to support farmers and ranchers whose future is threatened by deadly pests and diseases.

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